The Aerobic Digest

The Aerobic Digest

A few years ago I started taking composting seriously as a way to dispose of the surprising amount of organic waste our rabbits were producing. I then got a bit obsessed, reading and watching all manner of things in order to figure out how this simple yet obtuse process worked.

The Aerobic Digest is a newsletter where I share everything I'm learning about composting and soil health, alongside the progress of my heaps as they process food scraps, soiled hay and plants into plant food for our allotment.

I send out a new issue every few weeks, once I've collected enough interesting things and usually after a decent composting session.

You can get this newsletter by email, obviously, plus there’s an RSS feed and I’ll post it to my Mastodon.

If you have a question you'd like me to try and answer, a link to something that could be featured here, or would like to contribute in some other way, email